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Self-contained photovoltaic street lighting kits

The self-contained photovoltaic street lighting kit is the result of Conchiglia’s experience and research conducted in the field of energy saving technologies and renewable energy sources. A ground-breaking solution with a low environmental impact and highly efficient performance that requires very little maintenance.

Applications: lighting in parking lots, roads, public gardens, parks, cycle tracks and wherever it is uneconomical to install a conventional lighting system. It is especially advantageous where limitations of an environmental type, naturalistic landscapes, safety reasons, areas where there are thoroughfares, railway or motorway crossings would make it extremely costly to build cable ducts for connection to the electricity main.

Kit composition:

  • One 150 or 180 Wp solar panel
  • Light fitting
  • LED lamp (18, 24 or 30 Leds) or alternatively, a SOX-E26 lamp
  • Structure for fixing the solar panel
  • Arm for street armature
  • Control and monitoring unit
  • Storage battery

Led signs for guard-rails

Conform to UNI EN 12352 standards with CE certification in accordance with Directive CPD 89/106/EEC

Conchiglia quality leads the way...
Conchiglia's new proposal for road safety: led signs for guard-rails. These led signs are the ideal solution for those who want quality, fast installation, safety and reliability but at a convenient price.

Applications: Junctions, bends and dangerous sections - roundabouts and road intersections - Acceleration and deceleration lanes in motorways and highways

Optical equipment:

  • LSG150: comprising a board formed by 9 LED
  • LSG330: comprising a board formed by 32 LED 


New closing system for road cubicles

Conchiglia's goal for the past 60 years has been to create products that stand out for their quality and safety features, while facilitating the assembly and servicing work conducted by installers and maintenance engineers. The company has now designed a new closing system for 515 mm and 685 mm width road cubicles, which is now used as standard equipment for these products.


  • functional: the key just blocks the handle and does not act as a lock
  • efficient: provides a perfect lock with the rotating handle
  • versatile: easy opening from both the right and left
  • sturdy: improved mechanical locking action thanks to the steel rods
  • safety: no metal bridging either inside or outside and the handle flush to the door is proof against vandalism.
  • design: recessed handle

If the cubicles are required without locks (WL-WLP), they can be ordered with the conventional closing systems SCS86/…- SCM86/


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