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Our history: one of continual evolution

Conchiglia was established in 1949 in Reggio Emilia as a artisan's foundry for light alloys. Shell mould casting was the core business during the first few years, as the company worked on a sub-contracting basis principally for the car industry, agricultural and hydraulic sectors.

In the '60's , Conchiglia added to its production range by manufacturing electrical materials for low voltage installations under its own trademark, creating dies and using the pressure die casting process. The market widened to include customers of nation-wide importance, such as Enel, Eni and Autostrade, the motorway authority.

Thanks to the use of new manufacturing processes for moulding articles in thermosetting plastic material, it was in the '70's that Conchiglia consolidated its position as a leading enterprise and became a reference point for the principal energy distribution authorities. The company's nation-wide electric material dealership and sales network was enlarged during the following years, while the first energy saving devices were launched on the market.

Conchiglia's organizational and manufacturing processes were subjected to radical developments in the '90's and Pfisterer, the international industrial group, took over from the founding partners. The company continued to make investments in the fields of energy saving products, smart systems for the remote management of public lighting installations and electronic devices for road safety.

During the first few years of the 21st century, Conchiglia consolidated its position of leadership in its particular market and started out in 2008 with a new type of corporate organization in which the owners were now the management and other financier partners who took over Conchiglia from Gruppo Greenvision Ambiente S.p.A.

As part of their corporate mission, the new shareholders decided to carry on with the business, which had been holding its own for over half a century, while providing a substantial boost towards innovation for the products in the market segments where the company held a position of leadership.